Aria Farjadi

Actor & Musician


I was born in 1965 in an academic, cultural and music & arts loving family in Tehran,Iran. I began studying classical piano in 1980 in Tehran and received private lessons from Iranian music masters like Mrs. Sedghi, Mr. Ali Ahmadzadeh and Mr. Saeed Ehsani.In 1987 I started studying "Harmony and Performance" under the direction of Professor Sharif Lotfi in Tehran.In 1990, I moved to Denmark and after some years, I founded "Farjadi Piano School" in Copenhagen. Since then I have been teaching piano to many young students of different nationalities and have had many piano concerts for interested groups of audiences including Iranian, Danish and other European countries, performing works of great musicians as well as some composed by myself.I have participated in piano classes of several music masters; among them professor Friedrich Gürtler, Anne Oland, Eugen Indjic and lecturer Laurant Boullet in Denmark.I have been an active member of EPTA (European Piano Teachers Association) since year 2000.9*I have enjoyed the honor of playing piano in many concerts in Denmark as a "Soloist" and "Chamber Musician."My second career as a "Film Composer" began in 2008 by making the track music for a documentary movie called "My Iranian Paradise", a film essay portraying Iran'srelationship with the western world. Also sometime later, I made the theme music for a short fiction movie called 'Børn of dagen" (Children of The Day) directed by AmirRezazadeh which was shown at CPH PIX 2014.

Music & Notes

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